West Side Youth/Community Empowerment Grants

COVID-19 and the public health response that has been needed to reduce the spread of the disease and save lives has revealed significant disparities among our Columbus residents. The City of Columbus responded to those disparities through the 2020 Youth/Community Empowerment Grant program and other investments focused on building up our neighborhoods. 

The 2020 Youth/Community Empowerment Grant program assisted Columbus neighborhoods with engaging youth and families in positive experiences and job readiness. The fundswere distributed to key community partners with a proven track record of community engagement and data-backed outcomes. The Key Community Partners (the Partners) used the funds provided by the City to distribute “mini-grants” to grass root and community based organizations (the Sub Grantees) in their geographical areas to advance positive experiences for our youth and families and to boost job readiness. 

The City of Columbus selected The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone as the fiscal agent of youth/community empowerment grants for programs that serve the 43222, 43223, 43204, and 43228 zip codes. The business address for Sub Grantees did not need to be located in the above listed zip code(s) where services are provided. Grants were funded in the range of $10,000-$25,000.

Areas for Investment:

Youth and Family Engagement: Programs supported safe, thriving, healthy, and connected neighborhoods for all residents. Funded work was responsive to the needs of Columbus residents. Grants supported initiatives that promote these values.

Workforce Development: Programs helped ensure that the city maintains a prepared workforce, one that is well-positioned to enhance their skills for the future of employment in Columbus.

Please check back soon for a sampling of the projects that were funded under the 2020 Youth and Community Empowerment Grants.

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