Ville on the Hill

What is a Village?

Villages are membership organizations that offer reciprocal, person-centered opportunities for older adults to feel more confident aging in their community. This holistic approach utilizes a strong social network and a fun way to stay connected to the community. A Village connects neighbors with neighbors to assist with minor home maintenance, transportation, and other services as well.

What will be offered in 2019?

Circulator Bus

Through a partnership with the Clintonville Beechwold Community Resource Center, a circulator bus will be offered with stops throughout the Hilltop based on feedback from potential riders.  Examples of bus stops include: the local recreation centers, doctors offices, hair salons, grocery stores, local church events, and social events offered by the Village.

Fall Home Maintenance Day

In October 2019, a Home Maintenance Day will be offered to the community. Older adults will be able to sign up to have volunteers come to their homes to assist them with minor home maintenance. Examples of the types of volunteer activities offered include: weeding a flower bed, mowing a lawn, picking up trash, painting a room, or replacing interior light bulbs requiring a ladder.

Ongoing Social Events

Older adults in the Hilltop want to remain engaged. Examples of the types of social events that potential members indicated interest in include: dog walking groups, a Westside Walk with a Doc, coffee meet ups, game nights, and potlucks among other ideas.

New Village Director

Barbara Camfield is beginning her new role as Village Director of Ville on the Hill in May 2019. Barbara brings a range of experience with older adults through her work with the Hilltop branch of the YMCA of Central Ohio, including diabetes prevention and wellness. Please reach out to Barbara for more information about Ville on the Hill at VilleontheHillDirector@gmail.com.


Please continue to check back as more information will be available on membership in Ville on the Hill soon!

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