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The Zone relies upon the support we receive from members of the community who believe in our mission of developing the spiritual, economic, and communal well-being of our neighborhood. You can get involved and make a difference in this community.

Healthy and Happy Hilltop Kids Our Better Together campaign through The Giving Store of The Columbus Foundation will help us fully fund the Summer HYPE day camp of the Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone. Our campaign has already raised $900 to support drug-free summer fun for Hilltop children in grades 1-5. Please help us reach our goal of $6,810 to take our campers to the Highland Youth Garden and Hilltop Library as well as bring art into the classroom through the creation of a mural with the theme of Hilltop pride.

Your gift of $25 will buy paint and brushes for a group of 10 students.

$50 provides snacks for 10 youth for a week.

$200 provides 1 round trip bus ride to the Highland Youth Garden to learn where healthy food comes from. Join us today! The campaign ends July 1st.

Please click here to visit our directory listing at The Giving Store of the Columbus Foundation.

By giving in this way, we will receive the added bonus of reduced credit card processing fees (2.35%!), you will receive an emailed tax receipt, and the funds reach us in about a week.  Thank you for your generous support!

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