About Us

How did we begin?

The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone is a member of the International Communities of Shalom, which comprise a movement of like-minded people of faith and conscience invested in developing the spiritual, economic, and communal well-being of local neighborhoods.

The Shalom Zone began out of the question, “What can we build from what we already have in our neglected and struggling neighborhood?” and is now a group of residents and faith-based organizations operating in partnership with other non-profit entities, educational institutions and city and county government agencies to revitalize and improve the lives of the residents of the Greater Hilltop area of Columbus, Ohio.

Our Mission…

Working Together for the Preferred Future of the Greater Hilltop

Our Philosophy:

  1. This is our community: we work, live, and worship together;

  2. Everyone has something meaningful to contribute to our preferred future;

  3. We value meaningful relationships and partnerships above anything else; and,

  4. We work only for mutual gain in community and economic development.

Using this model as a framework, this workshop will engage participants in asking questions relevant to their own community setting in order to encourage, equip, and employ each one to learn what it may mean to collaborate powerfully from the bottom up.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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