Hilltop Teen Club

Monday-Friday from 3:00-6:00pm 

61 S Powell Ave., Columbus, OH 43204 (in Westgate United Methodist Church)

Hilltop Teen Club (HTC) is a drop-in center where youth, between 6-12th grade, can participate in programming anytime during the operating hours of the center. The mission of HTC is focused on providing a safe, kind, and free place for youth to engage in productive, creative, and enjoyable activities. All kids are welcome!

This teen drop-in program is non-sectarian and open to all Westside middle and high school age youth of all faiths, races, ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation.  There are no direct fees charged to participate.

Hours of Operation
HTC is open Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm at 61 S Powell Ave. Columbus City School schedule is followed regarding closure. A free meal & snack is offered everyday.

Programming & activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Free Store available on request
  • Cooking class
  • Sports and recreation activities
  • Music/Dance club
  • Board game review club


How to Join

Kids may drop in anytime! To participate in the Hilltop Teen Club parents will need to fill out a registration form that can be found below. Please return this form to the HTC by dropping off at 514 Columbian Ave during HTC hours of operation or by emailing to info@hilltopshalomzone.org


What’s the HTC’s impact?

Recently the HTC did an exercise with the kids where they wrote themselves a letter to be delivered in 6 months time. One girl named the HTC staff and interns as some of the people that were important to her. She shared that she really enjoys participating in the programming that we offer and she considered us her friends. We value the relationships built here at HTC and foster positive youth development by engaging the kids in fun learning activities. We are appreciative of the opportunity to create a strong rapport with the youth that we serve and make a positive impact in their lives. To read more check out the Hilltop Teen Club Newsletters.

HTC is a partnership of the Hilltop Shalom Zone and the Hilltop YMCA.  Initial seed funding was provided by Franklin County Children Services.

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